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GW Highways Trial New Dynapac Spray Paver

27 Mar 2023

GW Highways are the first UK business to trial the new Dynapac Spray Paver –  SD2500CS PROTAC – from Dynapac UK on one of our renewal schemes for Kent County Council.

Developed in collaboration with SECMAIR Fayat Group as well as numerous customers, the Dynapac PROTAC spray paver is an innovative machine that can increase pavement service live through the application of bond coat and asphalt paving in a single operation.

Our Highways Director, Luke Wenham, who is actively involved with innovation at Dynapac, said: “I think the PROTAC Spray Paver brings great innovation for large motorways and trunk roads schemes as it can save resources by being able to do both applications with one piece of plant thus saving labour and emissions. The paver sprayed very accurately following the screed and no bond coat was removed by the delivery trucks as they did not have to run on the sprayed surface.”

The PROTAC can spray 200g/m² with a uniform and even spray pattern, spraying up to 6.5m wide, the slidable spray bars automatically follow the screed movement. The fast-breaking bond coat is stored in an insulated tank and heated using heat mats rather than a conventional burner system, thereby reducing energy use. In addition, the need for a separate bond coat resource is removed, increasing operational efficiency. This is such an important and innovative change which helps reduce carbon emissions from this workstream!

Watch this space for more about our journey with Dynapac!

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