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Putting your pound back in the ground

About us

Our company

GW Highways is an SME that provides a fresh approach to construction. We offer the services and connections you would expect from a national business with the added benefit of local knowledge.

Our structure enables us to be agile and effectively manage, offering our customers and teams an enhanced level of service and support.  We work collaboratively to continuously improve the services that we offer.

As a progressive business our people believe in our core values and we support and invest in them.

Our people

Our management have all held senior roles in leading Tier 1 construction companies. We are one team with an approach that puts SAFETY FIRST.

Everyone is an integral part of the success of the business.  Equality and diversity is an important aspect of our culture and we have worked tirelessly to create an environment that promotes mutual respect and does not discriminate.

Training is key to our continued success and is delivered through shared experiences combined with formal training and qualifications.  Our apprenticeships and training programmes promote succession in a supportive way and our employee retention record is testament to this.

Our culture

Safety matters to everyone and the health and well being of our team is of paramount importance. We instill a positive culture throughout our organisation because everyone deserves to work in a safe environment.

We adopt a sustainable approach to everything we do. Continued investment ensures we operate with the latest equipment and technology, helping to further reduce our carbon emissions. We promote recycled options that in turn means our operations have less impact on the environment.

By continually monitoring and evaluating our performance across all areas of the business we ensure our culture is aligned to our core values.

Our values

Collaboration: actively engaging with our customers and stakeholders to provide the best possible outcome.

Innovation: in conjunction with industry leading experts, promote the development of new technology, products and ideas that will evolve highway services.

Sustainability: a committed investment across all areas of the business to minimise the impact of our activities in the communities we operate.

Implementation: utilising our fully qualified and certified teams and equipment to deliver an industry leading end-to-end service.

Refinement: evaluate and review our activities through our 360° process as we continue to strive for excellence in everything we do.


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