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GW Highways Trial Gipave

19 Jan 2023

GW Highways have undertaken further trials on behalf of our client Kent County Council, after initial tests indicate Gipave modified Stone Mastic Asphalt (SMA) may double the lifespan of the surface.

Together with our partners, Iterchimica S.p.A. and Tarmac we have recently tested Gipave, a patented high-tech graphene-enhanced polymeric supermodifier, in direct comparison to a commercially available PMB modified asphalt. The outcome will enable our client to make informed decisions on future viability. Special thanks to Herbert Micallef for his expertise in the preparation of the ITP and Trial Methodology.

In September GW Highways hosted a workshop with Kent County Council to look at immediate opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint and tackle climate change. The agreements from this day resulted in annual reductions in CO2e of as much as 9% in upfront emissions in delivering these services. Gipave helps to reduce environmental impacts, further reducing carbon emissions over the lifespan of the asset.

Our Term Services Director David Gibbins, said, “innovation is a key part of how we reduce whole life carbon and an area in which we are heavily invested. The outcome of these trials will provide our working group with meaningful data to support investment in longer lasting pavement renewals”.

GW Highways continue to build back better!


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