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GW Highways Install Defibrillators Into Our Welfare Units

23 Aug 2021

At GW Highways we instil a positive culture throughout our organisation because everyone deserves to work in a safe environment. With a minimum of two emergency first aid trained staff, we have recently invested in two defibrillator machines to be fitted in our traffic management units. This ensures that we have continuous access to a defibrillator machine.

Less than 1 in 10 people in the UK survive an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. By having a defibrillator in the workplace and trained colleagues in CPR, we can play an important part in helping more people survive a cardiac arrest. Research shows that a defibrillator is most effective when administered within the first minute of a victim collapsing, the survival rate can be as high as 90%. Deploying a defibrillator within 3 – 5 minutes of collapse produces a survival rate as high as 50% – 70%.

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